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The Adventures of the Golden Tooth

Video thumbnail for The Adventures of the Golden Tooth – Dungeons and Dragons – Episode 24 02:34:25

The Golden Tooth have acquired the Pyremaul and Pyralis has merged it with her pact weapon. Now it’s time...

Storm King's Thunder

Video thumbnail for Dungeons and Dragons – Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 147 02:34:25

Milo continues to explore Castle Briar to find what else is in the Cloud Giant Castle, while Borrowed uses...

Storm King's Thunder

Video thumbnail for Waging War (Round 2) – Sid Meier’s Civilization V – Final Boss Fight Live 02:34:25

John takes control of the Americas, while Skarr takes on the Celts and AG rules over the Assyrian Empire...

Torchlight II

Video thumbnail for Exploring the Mapworks – Torchlight 2 Tuesdays – Final Boss Fight Live 02:34:25

With the alchemist dealt with, and the hidden evil thwarted, John, AG and Sian explore the Mapworks, a mystical...

Tomb of Annihilation

Video thumbnail for Dungeons and Dragons – Tomb of Annihilation – Episode 103 02:34:25

The group are stuck in a room filled with interdimensional wardrobes and have to face a threat from the...

Minecraft Mondays - FTB Revelations

Video thumbnail for Bee-rave New World – Minecraft Monday – Episode 16 02:34:25

John and Sian continue to work with the bees as they work towards making useful bee products. — Watch...

Final Boss Fight Pub Quiz

Video thumbnail for The Third Final Boss Fight Pub Quiz 02:34:25

John challenges a quartet of teams to a pub quiz as a way of providing a small amount of...

Storm King's Thunder

Video thumbnail for Dungeons and Dragons – Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 146 02:34:25

Internal conflict bubbles to the surface as the group question why Keros has been added to the mission.

One-Shot Wonders

Video thumbnail for The Lost Hammer – Scion 2nd Edition – One-Shot Wonders 02:34:25

A disparate group of strangers from across the world are gathered by Loki to find the missing Hammer of...

Final Boss Fight Live Replays

Video thumbnail for K.K. Slider Live! Animal Crossing New Horizons – Final Boss Fight Live 02:34:25

John, Geoff and Sean head to Talontown for the weekly KK Slider Concert and request some tunes from the...



New website version and upcoming downtime

This is a quick post to let everyone know that we have a new version of the website active at the moment, which I have been working on for a while in the background, tweaking the current theme and...

Dungeons and Dragons

Verbruary Prompts 8: Loop

Lightning flashed overhead and thunder boomed nearby, shaking the stained glass windows at the top of Castle Ravenloft. Creed lay on the floor, battered and bloodied, but still in the fight… even just barely. His fists and feet glowed...

Dungeons and Dragons

Verbruary Prompts 7: Fast

Creed ran. Normally the wind in his hair soothed him. The burst of movement has he tapped into his inner reserves of energy brought him focus. His muscles tightened and started to burn but he pressed on. This time...

Dungeons and Dragons

Verbruary Prompts 6: Ice

Creed’s heart caught in his throat. He was young and impulsive, and often put plans into action that his heart had made long before his brain had engaged. This had caused him so many problems in his past life....

Dungeons and Dragons

Verburary Prompts 5: Tool

Creed turned the staff end over end, faster and faster, passing it back and forth from his left hand to his right and back again. He knew exactly the weight of it, and how long it had been since...

Dungeons and Dragons

Verbruary Prompts 4: Allowance

Poetry hopped happily from left to right foot and back again. “REALLY?” She squealed with delight. Creed sighed to himself… starting to regret what he had offered.  “Yes Poe, it’s your money… it’s time you started to learn a...

Dungeons and Dragons

Verburary Prompts 3: Portrait

Creed shuffled uncomfortably, his shirt itched and restrained his chest and his trousers were too tight. The shoes were new and the leather hadn’t yet broken into his foot shape. He paced across the changing room a couple of...

Dungeons and Dragons

Verbuary Prompts 2: Request

Sybil had been trekking almost entirely alone through the countryside of Barovia for almost half a tenday. Their group had been split up by the assault of the witches and they were scattered to the wind. Sybil had a...

Dungeons and Dragons

Verbruary Prompts 1: Extension

Sybil sighed as she reached to the back of the cupboard for her sewing kit. “How long did he say it would last?” She asked again. Creed was pacing backwards and forwards in their bedroom, wearing a hole in...

Dungeons and Dragons

T’was the night before Midwinter

A mysterious visitor in the middle of the night interrupts a midnight snack...

Storm King's Thunder


His eyes snapped open.  The first thing he saw was the bright glare of the sun overhead, dazzling him.  He blinked a few times to force his eyes to adjust. After a while, he was able to see properly. ...

Tomb of Annihilation

Finding Home – Part 3

One month later… “Aye fuck, Perrry… me feet are killin’ me. When’s the next rrresting stop?” We had been walking for hours. We spent about a month walking. Obviously we rested in between, but there was no sign of...

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Tiger Lily’s Axe

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Tiger Lily

Cosplay number Two was found with some internet digging. I have spent many hours searching for characters with my...

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Photos from MCM Birmingham March 2018

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